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The Security Behind the Disney Dream Tour
SYSBEL 2021-09-09

1.Disney's Security

When it comes to Disney, everyone is familiar with it. When you go to Disneyland, you all go to see Mickey Mini and watch the float show. Most of the SYSBEL friends go to Disney rushing to the actor preparation area. In this area, there are not only beautiful actors and sisters, colorful props, but also big guys that are easily overlooked--flammable storage cabinet.

Actors need to be carefully groomed and dressed before their stunning debut. In this process, different types of cosmetics such as hair styling agent, nail polish, nail polish remover, perfume, toilet water, and essential oils are needed. Most of these chemicals have low ignition points, and may burn and explode when exposed to sparks and high temperatures.

Disney's professional safety management personnel choose SYSBEL flammable storage cabinet to store these cosmetics to eliminate potential safety hazards of hazardous chemicals. To be unmodest, we see that behind the wonderful performances of the actors, the safety of SYSBEL products is indispensable.

2.Are Cosmetics Safe?

Not only from when, cosmetics have become a necessity in our daily lives, even men cannot do without cosmetics.
I believe everyone has had a similar experience: at the airport security checkpoint, a few bottles of cosmetics that could not be taken on the plane were thrown into the trash can by the security inspector. The Shanghai Disney Resort Operations Department once told Jiemian News: Since the opening of the park, a total of more than 10,000 flammable and explosive items have been found during security checks.

So which cosmetics are safe and which are unsafe, let's start with the most basic characteristics of cosmetics:
Nail polish: It is composed of film-forming agent, solvent, pigment and flashing substance. It contains nitrocellulose and is easy to ignite spontaneously in the air. Therefore, nail polish is a dangerous chemical.
Mousse setting agent: The main raw materials are resin, alcohol and water, and the propellant is propane and butane. Alcohol, propane, and butane all belong to Class A chemical dangerous goods. In this way, the small hair spray can has the attribute of chemical dangerous goods.
Perfume: Perfume contains alcohol and is flammable and explosive.
Toilet water: The alcohol concentration in the toilet water is 70% to 75%. The toilet water should also be used away from fire. It should be stored in a cool place as much as possible and not exposed to the sun.
Hairspray: The main ingredients are alcohol-soluble polymer and propellant, which are prone to burn and explode under high temperature and high pressure environment.
Essential oils: Most of the essential oils on the market are prepared with 90% isopropanol, 5% pure essential oils in compound essential oils and 5% distilled water. They have low ignition point, strong volatility, and are flammable liquids.
Skin care: lotions, moisturizing lotions, facial cleansers, hand creams, etc. are not flammable items and can be used with confidence.

From this point of view, when buying, using, and carrying solvent, spray, and essential oil cosmetics, you must pay more attention to the main ingredients. When using cosmetics, adhere to a ventilated environment and stay away from open flames (you can store them in unreasonable local tyrants.) In the SYSBEL chemical safety cabinet). When taking transportation, you should abide by the rules of the transportation department, carry a small amount of cosmetics, and do not carry flammable, explosive, compressed canned cosmetics.

3.Classification, Color Separation and Storage of Hazardous Chemicals
SYSBEL flammable storage cabinet has passed American FM and German TUV certification, and is an ideal choice for classification, hierarchical management and safe storage of hazardous chemicals. According to international practice, when storing hazardous chemicals, colors and labels are usually used to distinguish various hazardous chemicals. The SYSBEL flammable storage cabinet is available in many colors to meet the needs of security managers for color separation, classification, safety, and compliant storage of hazardous chemicals.
SYSBEL is one of the earliest companies in China to develop and produce flammable liquid storage cabinets. It was the first company to obtain FM flammable safety cabinet certification from the United States and TUV flammable safety cabinet certification from Germany. It is currently the most fully certified company in the field of flammable storage cabinets in China. SYSBEL has more than 12,600 users and more than 180 partners all over the world. Its product sales cover more than 60 countries and regions including Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Europe, North and South America. Products are widely used in biomedicine, education and scientific research, industrial manufacturing, food, electronics, environmental protection, public medical and other industries.

SYSBEL is a professional manufacturer and manufacturer, long-term commitment to manufacturing flammable storage cabinet, chemical safety cabinet, absorbent cotton, absorbent pad, chemical liquid absorbent strip, oily waste cans, spill containment pallet, industrial wipes, eye/face wash, Safety cabinets, Gas Cylinder Storage Cages, flammable liquid storage cabinet, corrosive cabinet and other products. It is the first domestic enterprise to obtain FM certification and TUV certification from the United States. The products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions around the world, and are widely used in petrochemicals, industrial manufacturing, university laboratories, food industry, automobile industry manufacturing, new energy and other industries.

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