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Storage Specifications of Laboratory Hazardous Chemicals
SYSBEL 2021-09-01
According to the second paragraph of Article 24 of the "Regulations on the Safety Management of Hazardous Chemicals": "The storage methods, methods, and storage quantities of hazardous chemicals should comply with national standards or relevant national regulations." Strict storage and control of the hazardous chemicals are carried out.

Hazardous Chemicals Storage Requirements:
If hazardous chemicals are improperly stored, they are likely to cause great harm, and the consequences are very serious. The detailed storage requirements are as follows:

Storage Site Requirements
● Stored in a closed, semi-closed or open-air storage place for hazardous chemicals.
● According to the performance of dangerous goods, it is divided, classified, and stored in separate warehouses.
● Can be stored in a storage room or storage cabinet, and set up obvious signs.
● The storage capacity of a single storage room or storage cabinet should be less than 50 kg.
● Strictly monitor the temperature and humidity every day to maintain ventilation and heat dissipation.
● Four defenses: moisture-proof, fire-proof, anti-corrosion, and anti-theft.

Storage Principle Pequirements
● Improve the safety management system of the reservoir area, strictly prohibit entry of irrelevant personnel, and strictly prohibit fireworks in the reservoir.
● Implement the five-pair system of "double collar, double use, double pipe, double handle lock, double bookkeeping".
● To establish a dedicated account.
● In and out of the warehouse, inspection and registration must be carried out, and stock medicines must be checked regularly. Any loss or theft should be reported to the local public security agency immediately.

The Five-double System Everyone Should Keep in Mind
Double management:
Hazardous chemicals must be checked into the warehouse by at least two custodians. In the acceptance check, the product name, specification and quantity should be checked against the invoice and warehousing list, and whether the packaging label is complete. Two custodians can fill in before registering.

Double accounting:
To pick up hazardous chemicals in the warehouse, you must hold a valid picking list, and hand it over to the custodian (two persons) to check the name, specification, and quantity of the product, and then the custodian (two persons) to withdraw out of the warehouse according to the regulations.

Double lock management:
Hazardous chemicals storage warehouses or storage cabinet doors must be equipped with two locks, and the custodians must each hold a key. When entering the warehouse to work, the custodians of both parties must arrive at the warehouse at the same time to open and close the warehouse door.

Double transportation management:
Hazardous chemicals are transported from the dedicated warehouse to the laboratory. At least two people must be staffed during the whole process. The transport process is stored in an iron box and locked with a password.
Double use:
After the hazardous chemicals are configured, they are supervised by the laboratory operator and the person in charge of the laboratory, and supervised by the on-site security personnel.

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