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  • Q:How to contact us for after sale service?
    A: Kindly please contact theafter sale hotline: 4008-94-8808 Ext. 8115, or reflect to the salesperson directly.
  • Q:How can I get the latest SYSBEL catalog?
    A: You can download the electronic catalog on SYSBEL website, or contact the salesperson for delivery by courier.
  • Q:How to buy safety storage cabinet?
    Contact the regional sales manager by email orcall4008-94-8808 directly.
  • Q:How long is the warranty period of the safety storage cabinet?
    A: We supply one year warranty for all items. If there is any quality problems occurred within one year, we will replace and repair the item for free.
  • Q:When the door of safety storage cabinet can’t open, what can I do?
    A: It is mainly due to the improper operation of the lock. You can call customer service hotline 4008-94-8808 for help.
  • Q:The safety storage cabinet has been received, but without operating gloves or other accessoriesinside
    A: Kindly please contact our sales manager. Whenthe situation is confirmed, we will re-send the accessories.
  • Q:How to place several fire cabinets together?
    A: The storage cabinets should be stored in dry and ventilated environment. When placing safety storage cabinets together, suitable distance is necessary to make easy operation of the ventilation holes.
  • Q:Is SYSBELflammable cabinet and combustible cabinet explosion-proof?
    A: SYSBEL flammable and combustible cabinet can also be called explosion-proof cabinet. Conductor grip combines the equipment with the cabinet to conduct the static to earth, thus to prevent fire accident. Double fireproof steel panel and the insulate temperature space between the 2 panel is 38mm, so they can reduce the explosion in some degree, but they cannot prevent the explosion.
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