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Let's review SYSBEL's 2022
SYSBEL 2023-01-05

Let's review SYSBEL's 2022

With the joy of harvest and the pride of forging ahead, we bid farewell to 2022, which is full of harvest, and usher in 2023, which is full of vitality and hope.

In 2022, we braved the wind and rain, forged ahead through the waves, and achieved remarkable results.

In 2023, we will not forget our original intention, hit the boat in the midst of the current situation, and write a splendid chapter again!


01. New factory started production

In July 2022, the new SYSBEL factory was completed and officially put into use. The new factory spent money to acquire land at the end of 2019, started construction in March 2021, and fully put into operation in October 2022. After more than a year of intensive construction, a modern factory with an area of 26,000 square meters has sprung up.

New factory started production 

SYSBEL's new factory takes modernization, low-carbonization, and intelligence as its manufacturing concepts, and has the functions of providing standardized products, non-standard customized research and development, component finishing, intelligent assembly and debugging, and logistics and warehousing for global customers. With the blessing of the new factory, SYSBEL and SYSBERY will provide global users with faster delivery of high-quality products.

02. Won the specialization, special new, high-tech enterprise

Shanghai SYSBEL Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "SYSBEL") welcomes the good news. According to the relevant provisions of the national "High-tech Enterprise Certification Management Measures" and "High-tech Enterprise Certification Management Guidelines", SYSBEL has once again passed the national high-tech enterprise certification. This is the fourth time that SYSBEL has won the title of "High-tech Enterprise". "National high-tech enterprise" is a high recognition of SYSBEL's scientific research, development potential and product innovation, and it is also a milestone for SYSBEL to move towards greater excellence.

Won the specialization, special new, high-tech enterprise 

Ingenuity establishes a brand, and strength establishes a benchmark. In the past year, a total of 1,430 enterprises in Shanghai have obtained the "specialized, special and new" award. Among them, Shanghai SYSBEL ranks among them. SYSBEL won this honor for its excellent technical research and development strength and outstanding performance in the market, and was promoted to a "specialized, special and new" enterprise.

Won the specialization, special new, high-tech enterprise

Won the specialization, special new, high-tech enterprise 

03. Continue to cultivate deeply with the spirit of craftsmanship

In the past year, SYSBEL has continued to forge ahead in the field of product research and development, carefully researched and developed, and thought about what users think. A series of products EN14470-1 Standard electric door fire safety cabinet, EN14470-1 Standard fire-resistant Products such as acid-base cabinets, intelligent emergency equipment cabinets, combined fire-resistant cabinets, and 2.5-hour fire-resistant cabinets stand out and have achieved fruitful results.

Continue to cultivate deeply with the spirit of craftsmanship 

04. In-depth channel communication, approaching customers

SYSBEL, as a leading provider of environmental safety and employee occupational safety solutions in China, the SYSBEL team went to exhibitions all over the country, exhibiting series of safe storage of hazardous chemicals, leakage prevention and control, special protection, etc., complete series of products, Customized solutions and a professional channel service team have won praise from partners all over the country.

In-depth channel communication, approaching customers 

05. All major projects complete success

In 2022, SYSBEL ushered in the successful delivery of a series of large-scale projects and achieved fruitful results.

All major projects complete success 

06. The international export market reached a new high

Since 2009, SYSBEL has actively deployed the international market, penetrated into major exporting countries, and established a stable global trade map. From Asia to Africa, from Europe to South America, from North America to Oceania, there are SYSBEL partners and customers everywhere. In 2022, the demand in the international market will increase significantly, the growth rate of export products will accelerate, and SYSBEL's performance will reach new heights!

 The international export market reached a new high 

07. All-hands sports, healthy peers

Life lies in exercise, and happiness comes from health. In 2022, in order to encourage SYSBEL employees to actively exercise and enhance group cohesion, under the leadership and organization of SYSBEL administrative partners, SYSBEL will actively carry out the fitness program of "Diligent in sports, concerned about health, and achieving the future". Friends participated in it one after another, checked in online every day, and supervised each other.

All-hands sports, healthy peers 

08. Passion of love never stops

Love is a ray of sunshine in winter, which makes us feel the temperature like spring, dedicate a piece of love, and hold up a piece of hope. In 2022, SYSBEL's love transmission activities will continue, sending clothes, books, etc. to children in poor areas, sending warmth and love to the elderly in nursing homes, and sending epidemic prevention materials to epidemic areas, etc. SYSBEL has never stopped!

Passion of love never stops 

09. Goodbye 2022, hello 2023

Time is silent, Vientiane is updated. 2022 seems to have just begun, but it has come to an end. When the thick calendar is turned to a thin page, the sad 2022 is about to come to an end. Looking back on this ordinary and extraordinary year, there are always some unforgettable moments. In the past year, we have experienced the impact of the epidemic. There were difficulties and challenges in this year, but we kept walking and struggling on the road to pursue our goals. Not only that, but also achieved fruitful results.

Goodbye 2022, hello 2023 

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