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New products shine at the exhibition SYSBEL Shanghai CIOSH attracts attention
SYSBEL 2023-04-21

New products shine at the exhibition  SYSBEL Shanghai CIOSH attracts attention

From April 13th to 15th, the 104th China Labor Protection Products Fair hosted by the China Textile Business Association was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center.

This year's exhibition will set up 7 pavilions for personal safety protection products, professional clothing and raw materials, safety production of hand and foot protection products, and body protection supporting security. The exhibition area exceeds 80,000 square meters, and more than 1,500 companies bring tens of thousands of exhibits to the show.

Shanghai CIOSH 

SYSBEL brought nearly 100 products of the whole series of hazardous chemical storage SCS, oil chemical leakage prevention and control SPCC, and special safety protection SPP to this "Labor Insurance Exhibition".


On the morning of the first day of the exhibition, the booth of SYSBEL attracted a large number of professional visitors to stop to watch and consult, and they learned about the performance, technical indicators, application scenarios and other information of SYSBEL professional protective equipment products.

SYSBEL enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad for its excellent product quality, and has won the favor of many agents at home and abroad because of its corporate values of "focusing on the long-term development of the company, not harming customer value because of the company's interests, and seeking long-term partners for common growth".


This exhibition is also postponed for one year after the 103rd "Labor Insurance Exhibition" in 2021. Friends old and new can't restrain their excitement and are full of expectations.


There are also professional visitors from Thailand, India and other places who came to the SYSBEL booth to communicate with us and showed strong interest in the exhibits of SYSBEL.


With the development of society, workers around the world are facing a more complex working environment. How to further protect the occupational safety of workers requires the continuous support and assistance of technology.

"Labor Insurance Exhibition" is a peep window of the development trend of the global labor insurance industry and a forerunner of cutting-edge protection concepts. At this exhibition, SYSBE, which has been deeply involved in the labor insurance industry for 20 years, also brought two new fireproof cabinets.

EN14470-1 Standard Fire Resistant Battery Charging Cabinet SE490450B

Product features

· 90 minutes fire cabinet

·Pass EN14470-1

·Intelligent exhaust/environmental monitoring

·Automatic fire extinguishing device

Fire Resistant Battery Charging Cabinet 

EN14470-1 Standard Fire-resistant Safety Storage Cabinet (Drawer Type Laminate) SE890450R

Product features

· 90 minutes fire cabinet

·Pass EN14470-1

·Drawer type laminate

·In case of fire, the laminate can automatically return to its position

Fire-resistant Safety Storage Cabinet 


Through advanced technical means to ensure the safety of workers, protect the craftsmen of every big country, and escort the safety of hundreds of millions of families. This is the vision of Shanghai "Labor Insurance Exhibition" and also the relentless pursuit of SYSBEL.


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