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Shanghai Labor Protection Exhibition | SYSBEL's New Products Shine at the Exhibition, Exciting Review On-Site!
SYSBEL 2024-05-10

The three-day China Labor Protection Supplies Trade Fair, which started on April 27th, has come to a successful conclusion. As a trading platform covering the entire industry chain of personal protective equipment, the labor protection fair not only showcased advanced safety production technologies and equipment but also focused on industry hotspots, insight into industry trends, and provided personalized solutions for labor protection enterprises, actively promoting the upgrading of protection equipment, technologies, and standards.

As an old friend of the labor protection exhibition, SYSBEL also appeared at the exhibition with brand new high-quality products. SYSBEL has always focused on the safety field. At this Shanghai Labor Protection Exhibition, SYSBEL showcased hazardous chemical storage, chemical leakage prevention and control, and special safety protection series products.

SYSBEL Booth On-Site On the first day of the exhibition, SYSBEL's booth attracted a large number of visitors to stop by and inquire about SYSBEL's professional protective equipment product performance, technical indicators, application scenarios, and other information.

There were also professional visitors from Thailand, India, and other places who specially came to SYSBEL's booth to communicate and negotiate with us, showing a strong interest in SYSBEL's exhibits.

There were also professional media interviews and live broadcasts on-site.

SYSBEL Exhibits New Products The "Labor Protection Exhibition" is a glimpse into the global labor protection industry's development trends and a harbinger of cutting-edge protection concepts. At this exhibition, SYSBEL brought new products such as RFID intelligent centralized management cabinets, European standard cabinets (with electric doors), intelligent fireproof and explosion-proof gas cylinder cabinets, emergency safety storage boxes for batteries, etc., which received unanimous recognition from new and old customers on-site.

RFID Intelligent Centralized Management Cabinet

RFID hazardous chemical intelligent centralized management cabinet: Establishes a hazardous chemical management system including warehousing, label printing, procurement application/manager approval, operator requisition and return, automatic inventory, safety stock warning, material first in, first out, electronic ledger, and reagent scrapping. Among them, the ledger is the core part to solve the user's pain points, integrating precise weighing, intelligent recording, video capture, real-time data transmission, and database linkage. It grasps the key nodes of the workflow with the characteristics of the Internet of Things, fast, accurate, and smooth, supports summarization by specified time, and can be exported in the background. Through a series of intelligent technologies, it ensures the legality and compliance of hazardous chemicals during use, and all operation behaviors and operation data are visualized and traceable to achieve safe management of hazardous chemicals throughout their lifecycle.

Fireproof Safety Storage Cabinet (with Electric Door)

Maximize the utilization of narrow space, can be precisely matched with laboratory furniture such as laboratory fume hoods and workbenches. • The cabinet doors can be fully pulled out, making it convenient for laboratory personnel to access chemicals on both sides, with anti-tipping protection devices on both sides as standard. • Automatic opening/closing doors, silent drawer sliding, door closing alarms to remind, avoiding the accidental trapping of dangers.

Battery Emergency Safety Storage Box

The interior of the box is lined with fireproof and corrosion-resistant materials, and high-quality fire-expanding materials are pasted at the seams of the door, providing excellent fire resistance and corrosion resistance. • Equipped with gas spring support rods on both sides of the box for easy opening and closing of the cover. • The cover is equipped with a temperature monitoring device, which can effectively monitor the internal temperature of the box, with a temperature display range of 0~800℃.

Intelligent Fireproof and Explosion-proof Gas Cylinder Cabinet

Through professional certification and testing, it meets the highest level of whole cabinet explosion-proof (certificate number: GYB21.3799X) standard Ex d mb IIC T6 Gb. • Manufactured according to FM6050 standard, with double-layer steel structure cabinet body, better fireproof, acid and alkali resistance, and rust prevention effects. • Standard external exhaust valve, which can be automatically closed when the environmental temperature reaches 70°C, blocking the source of fire.

Labor Protection Products: SYSBEL's 20-year Sentiment

As one of the first batch of enterprises in China to produce safety cabinets, SYSBEL has been working in the field of labor protection products for 20 years. SYSBEL is a recommended brand in the national labor protection industry, and an expert in the hazardous chemical management working group of the Safety and Health Protection Equipment Committee.

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