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SYSBEL Outdoor Safety Cabinets Protect The Safety of The Aviation Industry
SYSBEL 2022-12-16

SYSBEL Outdoor Safety Cabinets Protect The Safety of The Aviation Industry

01 Providing security for the aerospace industry

Recently, another outdoor temporary storage cabinet project of SYSBEL passed the acceptance. This project is mainly used for outdoor temporary storage of hazardous waste in the aerospace industry.

As a provider of hazardous chemical safety management solutions, SYSBEL actively responds to customer needs and customizes a complete set of hazardous chemical safety storage solutions for customers according to customer needs. This is SYSBEL's tailor-made for the aerospace field Created another line of defense for security.

Outdoor Safety Cabinets 

Providing security for the aerospace industry 

02 Pursue excellent quality with persistent and dedicated spirit

SYSBEL has been constantly striving for perfection in the field of hazardous chemical safety, and strictly requires every production process with a dedicated and dedicated spirit. SYSBEL outdoor temporary storage cabinets pursue excellent quality from the aspects of refined drawing design, high-quality and high-quality material selection, skilled welding technology, environmentally friendly and safe cabinet spraying, and high explosion-proof requirements for components.

Pursue excellent quality with persistent and dedicated spirit 

03 Authoritative qualification, multiple security guarantees

SYSBEL outdoor temporary storage cabinets have been certified by the national authority, meeting the needs of many industries for the storage of hazardous chemicals. It is standard, and it can also be customized according to the storage site, items and actual needs, and can also be constantly monitored through the intelligent IoT system.

Advantages of Outdoor Temporary Storage Cabinets

Hazardous Goods Warehouse


Outdoor Temporary Cabinet

Approval is nowhere in sight: Work Safety Supervision Bureau, Construction Committee, Development and Reform Commission, Fire Bureau, Planning Bureau, Environmental Protection Bureau... N multiple departments for approval, opinion letter planning design drawing, qualification certificate, approval letter... 10+ review files


Outdoor temporary storage cabinets are designed based on relevant national laws and regulations, and are completely legal and compliant

The factory area is limited, and there is no extra space for building a Class A warehouse


Provide outdoor temporary storage cabinets with a minimum floor area of 7m, and specifications can be customized

The entire project cycle is not the longest but only longer:

Project approval, survey and design, pre-construction review, project construction multi-department acceptance, certificate handling, filing


According to actual needs, it can be customized and can be delivered within one month at the earliest

The factory area needs to be relocated, and the Class A warehouse cannot be moved or sold


The crane is installed in place as soon as it lands, and it is convenient for transportation by ordinary freight vehicles, and it is convenient to move anytime and anywhere

It is not too cumbersome to approve and have a place to build, but are you ready for the construction cost of millions of dollars?


Optional devices can be customized, and the cost is much lower than that of Class A warehouses of the same size

Authority certification

Authority certification 

Multiple security assurances




ISO9001 quality management system certification

Design service life not less than 20 years

China's protective equipment quality verification traceability anti-counterfeiting




10 million Ping An Insurance

Insurance period 5 years

Perfect service system

04 Professional training guidance

Professional training guidance 

05 Classic case sharing

In order to avoid the safety and environmental risks caused by the open-air storage of waste mineral oil and waste containers containing mineral oil on site, Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant of China National Nuclear Corporation purchased SYSBEL outdoor temporary storage cabinets for storing waste mineral oil and waste containing mineral oil.

Yangtze Power, a subsidiary of China Three Gorges Corporation, actively responded to the state's guaranteed power supply projects.

Yangtze Power 

subsidiary of China Three Gorges Corporation 

06 Cooperation process of outdoor temporary storage cabinets

1. On-site inspection

The owner communicates storage category information, quantity, specifications, understands management requirements, site conditions, wind and snow in the area, local government supervision system, etc.

2. Preliminary program introduction

Provide preliminary design drawings to enable owners to intuitively understand compliance review of risk control points and communication of technical deviations

3. Solution review

Adjust and finalize the plan after the owner and supervisory assessment are completed

4. Program implementation

Order implementation, organization of production, installation and commissioning and training

5. Provision of Periodic Services

Annual maintenance, training, return visit

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