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What is FM approved flammable storage cabinet?
SYSBEL 2023-03-24

What is FM approved flammable storage cabinet?

Many "safety cabinets" claim to be "fire-resistant" and "fire-proof".

In fact, there is an advanced standard for fire resistance. Ship the cabinet to a certification agency for a "real fire test", that is, a real fire test. It's just that they themselves label "fire-resistant material" and "fireproof" with unreliable labels.

On a global scale, only FM and TÜV are certified to conduct real fire combustion tests on samples. Due to the impartiality and authority of FM and TÜV, manufacturers who have passed FM and TÜV certification are equivalent to obtaining international market licenses. However, there are only a handful of safety cabinet companies in China that have passed FM and TÜV certification.

01 Real fire test, certified "fire-resistant"

FM certificate

FM is the world's authoritative fire certification. Products certified by "FM" are also a symbol of high quality in the minds of consumers.

FM certificate 

FM certification has a product actual simulation experiment testing center. The FM fire test is adopted for fire-resistant materials, which is characterized by full-scale experiments (also known as equal-scale fire tests). By simulating actual fire scenes, the performance of products in actual fires is investigated.

FM certificate 

FM certification requires the safety cabinet to be transported across the ocean to a US laboratory for fire testing, which costs hundreds of thousands of yuan and takes several months.

 fire testing 

FM6050 4.2.2 Test/Verification points out: The sample safety cabinet should be subjected to a 10-minute fire exposure test. The temperature of the air inside the cabinet shall not exceed 325°F (163°C) during the test.

TÜV certificate

TÜV has a 145-year certification history in Germany, is widely accepted in Germany and Europe, and is widely recognized by the global market. The European Standards Technical Committee only authorizes the German TÜV fire resistance and combustion testing qualification in China.

TÜV certificate 

SYSBEL is currently the only safety cabinet company in China that has passed TÜV certification. After the real fire test in the laboratory designated by TÜV, SYSBEL's EN fire-resistant safety cabinets meet the various standards and testing requirements of the European standard EN14470-1:2004.

The most stringent EN1361-1 fire test test

The most stringent EN1361-1 fire test test 

SYSBELEN fire-resistant safety cabinet burns at 1006°C for 90 minutes

SYSBELEN fire-resistant safety cabinet burns at 1006°C for 90 minutes 

The maximum temperature of 15 temperature measuring points in the cabinet is far lower than the standard requirement

The maximum temperature of 15 temperature measuring points in the cabinet is far lower than the standard requirement  

Passing the certification of FM and TÜV is only the first step, and the factory must strictly follow the standards for product quality control and accept official random inspections by FM and TÜV.

02 Whether the company has certification or not, you can check it

The real fire test is the awe of safety.

Some companies that put people's lives at risk produce some so-called iron cabinets that "conform" to the US FM standard and the EU EN14470, in order to grab huge profits.

Most of the dangerous chemicals are stored in the safety cabinet. If the concentration of flammable and explosive gases in the safety cabinet is too high, it is very easy to cause fire, explosion and other safety accidents. Safety cabinets commonly used in factories, also known as chemical storage cabinets or flammable safety cabinets, are mainly used for safe handling and storage of hazardous chemicals. According to international practice, safety cabinets are subdivided into various colors and categories.

FM safety cabinet 

The storage of hazardous chemicals is so important. Are those non-FM and TÜV certified fireproof safety cabinets that have not passed the fire test really fireproof? Are they really safe?

In particular, some counterfeit metal cabinets are made of unqualified materials and the load-bearing of the laminates is not up to the standard, which is prone to leakage of dangerous chemicals, which may cause fire and casualties.

What will happen to such a metal cabinet after a real fire burns?

1. Heat conduction will be accelerated

The thermal conductivity of pure iron is about 80W/mK, and the general steel is only 45-60W/mK, and the heat transfer of iron plate is fast.

2. The fire resistance time is shorter

After testing, ordinary metal cabinets explode after burning for 3 minutes, FM-certified steel fire-resistant safety cabinets can burn for up to 10 minutes, and TÜV-certified fire-resistant safety cabinets can burn for 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and 90 minutes respectively.

To know whether a company has FM certification, an effective way is to learn to check the list of certified products on the official website of FM certification. When querying the list of FM certified products, you must first check the certified factory. If the factory has not passed the audit, the products it produces must not have passed the FM certification.

1. Log in to the official website of FM Certification

Log in to https://www.fmapprovals.com/, click the Approval Guide menu, click Click here


Log in to the official website of FM Certification 

2. Free account registration

Free account registration 

3. Log in to your account after registration. Enter the English keywords of the product or manufacturer to search.

03 In the face of safety, SYSBEL does not care about the cost

Over the past 20 years, SYSBEL has been strict with high standards and passed the FM and TÜV "fire-resistant" certifications in 2014 and 2019, which not only represents our tireless pursuit of product safety and quality, but also carries the "highest standard certification for the most The core concept of "best product".

FM flammable cabinet

In 2014, the first company to obtain FM fire cabinet certification in China

American FM6050 standard, FM certification

Double galvanized steel sheet

10 Minute Flammable Safety Cabinet

FM flammable cabinet 

90 minute flammable safety cabinet

In 2019, the first company in China to obtain TÜV fireproof cabinet certification

EU EN14470-1 standard, TÜV certification

Multi-layer fireproof insulation material

90/60/30 minutes flammable safety cabinet

90 minute flammable safety cabinet 

Company Profile

Founded in 2003, SYSBEL is the world's leading provider of environmental safety and employee occupational safety solutions. SYSBEL focuses on hazardous chemical safety management, research and development and production of world-leading safe storage, leakage prevention and control and special protection products. It has more than 12,600 users and more than 180 partners around the world, and its products are sold to more than 60 countries and regions. area.


For 20 years, SYSBEL has been insisting on independent research and development. As the first fireproof cabinet company in China to obtain FM certification from the United States and TUV certification from Germany, the national standard "Technical Specifications for Laboratory Waste Storage Devices" GB/T 41962-2022, which SYSBEL participated in the formulation of in 2023, will be formalized on July 1, 2023 implement.



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