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SYSBEL's New Factory
SYSBEL 2024-01-22

(1) Completion of New Factory Showcases Comprehensive Strength

In July 2022, SYSBEL's new factory was completed and officially put into operation. The new factory, with an investment in land acquisition at the end of 2019, started construction in March 2021, and achieved full production in October 2022. After over a year of intensive construction, a modern factory spanning 26,000 square meters emerged.

SYSBEL's new factory adheres to the manufacturing philosophy of modernization, low carbonization, and intelligence. It is equipped to provide global customers with standardized products, customized R&D, precision processing of components, intelligent assembly debugging, and logistics warehousing. With the support of the new factory, SYSBEL aims to deliver high-quality products more efficiently to global users.


The completion and operation of the new factory demonstrate SYSBEL's commitment to focusing on safety, intelligence, and deepening its presence in the intelligent chemical safety management market. It synergizes with existing injection molding factories and warehouses, achieving a comprehensive layout for SYSBEL across multiple brands, categories, and locations.

The head of SYSBEL's new factory stated, "The completion and operation of the new factory have brought at least a doubling of production capacity, a 75% increase in delivery efficiency, and assurance in providing timely high-quality products and services to users. It reflects our comprehensive strength and competitiveness in research and development, production, and supply."


(2) Building a New Scenario of Coordinated Development in Production and Sales


Anticipating the significant growth potential in the future chemical safety management market, SYSBEL actively participated and integrated into the global market from its inception. With leading product R&D technology and excellent product quality, SYSBEL quickly established a good reputation in the market. As of today, SYSBEL has over 12,600 users worldwide, more than 180 partners, and its product sales cover over 60 countries and regions, including Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Europe, and North and South America. Its products find wide applications in various industries such as biopharmaceuticals, education and research, industrial manufacturing, food, electronics, environmental protection, and public health.

In recent years, as SYSBEL's business expanded, the existing plant could no longer meet the rapidly growing business demands. Considering a global strategic layout, the company invested in land acquisition and constructed a new modern low-carbon factory.


The first phase of the newly built factory covers an area of 26,000 square meters and mainly produces SYSBEL series products with an annual output value of 300 million yuan. The new factory is equipped with an intelligent automatic spraying assembly line, a digitally processed center imported from Japan, a non-contact detection testing system, and will further incorporate several intelligent collaborative robot arms and enhance intelligent facilities by the end of this year. This will realize one-stop intelligent delivery from processing, production, assembly to electrical testing.


(3) Green and Low-Carbon Production Environment Alongside Employee Care


The new factory, soon after completion, underwent the audit and acceptance of FM Approvals, becoming SYSBEL China's first to receive FM fire cabinet certification. The approval team, upon hearing about the installation of solar photovoltaic roofs, immediately expressed appreciation. The company invested over 3 million yuan in a 1000KW rooftop photovoltaic power generation project. This significant decision reflects the company's commitment to green development, carbon emission reduction, and protecting the global environment. The rooftop photovoltaic project can generate 1 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, meeting the daily power needs of the factory throughout the year and can be grid-connected to supply electricity to power-deficient enterprises.

While the employees of the new factory work in clean and beautiful production workshops, they also enjoy new benefits brought by the factory. When planning the factory area, the company's management specially constructed an employee service building, which includes a self-service cafeteria, fitness center, rooftop leisure garden, library, and suites comparable to star-rated hotels. These employee service facilities are provided free of charge and are an integral part of the entire new factory.


"Friendliness, progress, and cooperation have always been our values, whether it's towards employees or our partners. I hope colleagues here can work happily, live joyfully, convey this attitude to our partners, and collaborate with confidence to create a sustained, stable, and harmonious situation for long-term development," said the head of SYSBEL's new factory at an employee meeting.

(4) About SYSBEL


SYSBEL is one of the earliest Chinese companies to research and produce fire safety cabinets. Since its project initiation in 2003, the company has followed international standards, pioneering the independent research and production of fire safety cabinets in China. With over a decade of effort, SYSBEL has accumulated a user base of over 12,600, more than 180 partners, and its products are sold in more than 60 countries and regions worldwide.

Shanghai "Specialized, Special, and New" Enterprise

National High-Tech Enterprise

China's first company to receive Germany's TUV fire cabinet certification

China's first company to receive the FM fire cabinet certification in the United States

Canada CSA Safety Certification Enterprise

UK Sedex 4P Certification

Supported by the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" strategy for promotion and support

Expert in the Hazardous Chemicals Management Working Group of the National Safety and Health Protection Supplies Committee.

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