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SYSBEL New Safety Cabinet- Experienced 2.5 hours of real fire burning, setting a new fire record
SYSBEL 2023-01-06

SYSBEL New Safety Cabinet- Experienced 2.5 hours of real fire burning, setting a new fire record

SYSBEL's 2.5-hour fire-resistant safety cabinet has passed the real fire combustion test of the National Key Laboratory. This product not only refreshes the technical level of the fire-resistant cabinet industry, but also satisfies the user's pursuit of fire-resistant safety. Comprehensive research and development capabilities.

01 Added new troops to the fire prevention camp

Looking back at the Chinese fireproof cabinet market in recent years, under the background of the implementation of the new safety law and the insistence on overall development and safety, the fireproof cabinet products have achieved considerable development and continue to lead the growth momentum of industrial durable goods.

SYSBEL New Safety Cabinet

The high growth rate of the Chinese market also promotes the trend of a hundred flowers blooming in the new industry. For SYSBEL, the first fire cabinet company in China to obtain FM and TUV certification, the ability to quickly iterate products and occupy the commanding heights cannot be underestimated. Dimensionality reduction strike of certified counterfeit and inferior products. Just like the SYSBEL FM series 10-minute fireproof cabinet, it quickly made up for the lack of a fireproof cabinet that passed the real fire combustion test in my country as soon as it debuted, and then relied on its own perfect supply chain system to export to more than 60 countries around the world.

Today, the advent of the 2.5-hour fire-resistant safety cabinet has refreshed the highest level of the domestic real fire combustion test, and it is also China's first sprint to the highest international standard. The strength continued to increase.

 2.5-hour fire-resistant safety cabinet 

02 Comprehensively strengthen competition barriers

The continuous innovation of products is the embodiment of "artisan spirit". SYSBEL pays attention to discovering user needs and controlling product details. According to the analysis of user usage scenarios and actual needs, the 2.5-hour refractory cabinet series products have made many innovations first in the industry: the optical storage micro-grid energy system ensures off-grid operation when the grid cannot supply power. The automatic water mist spray system is detecting When the device reaches the set value, it will immediately send an alarm signal and automatically turn on the sprinkler device. The intelligent control system can remotely check the working status of temperature, air humidity, door opening status, etc. When the parameter index reaches the pre-warning set value, the control system will manage The platform sends text messages or voice warning notifications to administrators, etc.

 the optical storage micro-grid energy system 

The all-round upgrade of these product strengths fully proves the concept of "users are the core of SYSBEL". By creating high-end refractory technology and highly safe products, it promotes the advancement of user experience and creates value for users.

The intelligent control system 

03 Refresh the technical height of the industry

In terms of fire safety research and development, SYSBEL has never been ambiguous and never fooled. As early as more than ten years ago, SYSBEL took the international standard as a reference, opened the first domestic enterprise to independently develop and produce fireproof cabinets, and became one of the earliest enterprises in China to develop and produce fireproof cabinets. Go to the US FM laboratory for combustion tests, and receive irregular inspections by the US FM every quarter.

With such an attitude, SYSBEL people have been concentrating on technology and products for more than ten years. Now SYSBEL only has dozens of intellectual property accumulations, and has an overwhelming advantage in core technology, which has established SYSBEL's industry position in the Chinese market. .

"The significance brought by the 2.5-hour fire-resistant safety cabinet is not only the first product in China to pass the international-level real fire combustion test, but also represents our tireless pursuit of technological innovation and breakthroughs, the courage to pursue technological innovation, and the climb to the peak of international fire-resistant limit technology. A kind of spirit." After passing the 2.5-hour combustion test, the person in charge of SYSBEL said impassionedly to the R&D team.

Furnace temperature curve

Furnace temperature curve 

Internal temperature rise curve

Internal temperature rise curve 

Flame retardant performance test

Flame retardant performance test 

The cabinet was shipped to the United States for real fire combustion test. The national key laboratory fire test verification, these moves to be the first in the industry are all SYSBEL's investment in these years, it is this kind of continuous research that has allowed SYSBEL to stand on the peak of the industry's refractory technology time and time again, and formed strong brand power. We can expect that the 2.5-hour fire-resistant cabinet will also be like the FM series fire-resistant cabinet, helping SYSBEL to repeat its breakthrough in the new year.

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