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SYSBEL Adsorption Cotton: Versatile Solutions for Efficient Spill Control
SYSBEL 2023-11-30

SYSBEL Adsorption Materials (Cotton Pads, Cotton Strips, Cotton Pillows, Cotton Rolls) utilize polypropylene absorbent material (MBPP), featuring high absorption rates, rapid absorption, non-flammability, and high cleanliness. These materials do not react with polar, toxic, or hazardous chemicals, ensuring safe usage without harm to human health. With low waste disposal costs and effortless liquid spill cleanup, SYSBEL Adsorption Materials are your ideal companions for maintaining a clean and safe workplace!

I. Adsorption Cotton:
Adsorption cotton, also known as absorbent cotton or industrial adsorption cotton, is commonly referred to as oil-absorbing cotton. Based on the type of absorbable material, adsorption cotton can be categorized into oil-absorbing, chemical, and general types.

SYSBEL specialized oil-absorbing materials are designed exclusively for absorbing oil and do not absorb water. They are widely used for absorbing petroleum hydrocarbons, and other hydrocarbons.
SYSBEL chemical-resistant adsorption materials can resist strong acids and bases, capable of absorbing the majority of corrosive, polar, or hazardous chemicals.
SYSBEL universal adsorption materials can absorb both oil and water, as well as some corrosive chemicals.

II. Shapes of Adsorption Cotton:
Adsorption cotton comes in various forms such as cotton pads, cotton strips, cotton pillows, cotton rolls, etc., and can be combined for enhanced efficiency. It exhibits high adsorption efficiency and is versatile in its applications.

For small-scale spills, one can use adsorption cotton pads.
Adsorption cotton rolls, a collection of cotton pads, can be laid on the ground to clean up oil spills.
In the case of large-scale spills, adsorption cotton strips are recommended.
Adsorption cotton pillows can be used independently or in combination with adsorption cotton strips.

III. Advantages of SYSBEL Adsorption Cotton:

SYSBEL cotton pad products have excellent wear resistance, high adsorption speed, and reasonable dimensions, resulting in high usage efficiency. They are designed with an extractable box for easy on-site management.
The outer packaging features a zipper-type seal with clear labeling of the product model.
The packaging box consists of 5 layers to prevent damage to the box upon receipt.

IV. Proper Use of Adsorption Cotton:

Choose oil-absorbing, chemical, or general-purpose adsorption cotton based on the characteristics of the leaked substances.
Select appropriate cotton pads, pillows, or strips based on the volume of the spill and the characteristics of the handling scenario.
Choose the appropriate combination for handling spills based on convenience and the corresponding operational time.

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