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SYSBEL New Products EN Fire Resistant Safety Storage Cabinets
SYSBEL 2024-03-20
TÜV certification is Germany's largest product safety and quality certification organization, and is also recognized by the German government as an inspection agency, enjoying a reputation of 145 years in Germany and Europe.

EN14470-1:2004 was prepared by the Technical Committee CEN/TC332 "Laboratory Equipment" and approved by the European Standards Committee.It is one of the important standards in the field of fire safety cabinets internationally.

The structure, external fire resistance capability, and fire performance of fire safety cabinets used in laboratories for storing flammable liquids are required to meet the standards. The core performance requirement is that the fire cabinet must undergo a real burning test in a suitable furnace and the temperature rise curve must be controlled within the range specified in EN1361-1.

TÜV certification agencies regularly conduct audits on product design,manufacturing, and quality systems, as well as perform actual product testing.In the most stringent EN1361-1 fire resistance test, sysbel's EN Safety Storage cabinet, after 90 minutes of burning at a high temperature of 1006C, the highest temperature of the 15 temperature measurement points inside the cabinet is much lower than the standard requirements.

These are our new products,the EN fire-resistant safety storage cabinets - SE890230, SE490300, SE890450, SE890450R (Drawer Type Shelves), and SE890450B (Special for Weak Corrosive Chemicals).

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