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SYSBEL CE Approved 25 Gal Strong corrosive chemical safety storage cabinet
Size:180*59*46 cm
Product Introduction Specification The product application Product Packaging Accessories
Product Introduction Apecification The product application Product Packaging Accessories
Product Introduction

SYSBEL CE Approved 25 Gal Strong corrosive chemical safety storage cabinet

The raw materials are processed with imported technology, which has higher strength, stronger corrosion resistance and lower deformation rate. The panels selected by the general domestic manufacturers in China are relatively inferior. Generally, the door panels will be deformed after use for about 2 to 3 years. The panels selected by SYSBEL can ensure that no deformation occurs in at least 5 years in the natural state.
All the parts and materials of the acid and alkali resistant cabinet have no cracking and splicing. In order to save board, many domestic manufacturers use small pieces of board welding and splicing on the outer frame of the cabinet, such as the back. This is especially true for the 48-gallon cabinet. Although this can save the board and reduce the cost, it reduces the overall structural stability of the cabinet. SYSBEL always puts the quality of its products in the first place, and does not accept any splicing of parts and materials.
All welds are controlled within 0.5mm. PP cabinets are basically welded by hand. SYSBEL has very strict requirements on the welding seam, which must be controlled within 0.5mm to improve the aesthetics and stability of the product. In order to pursue efficiency, some domestic products in China have neglected the control of weld seams, resulting in excessive weld seams or gaps in the welds.

Strong corrosive chemical safety storage cabinet's features

1. It is made of 8mm thick PP sheet, welded by the same color and homogeneous electrode, with excellent characteristics of strong acid resistance, strong alkali and corrosion resistance;
2. The laminate can be adjusted and can be placed in front and back to meet the diverse choices of users;
3. Sheets are bent and formed, and the structure of the spliced cabinet is stable to prevent deformation;
4. A simple drawer is set in the middle of the cabinet for temporary operation and placement of MSDS files;
5. The design of all-plastic built-in door handles and hinges makes the cabinet anti-corrosion as a whole;
6. The upper and lower cabinets can be independently stored and managed in different areas, effectively using storage space;
7. Ventilation holes are set independently for each storage space, and the ventilation system can be externally connected;
8. The bottom anti-overflow trough is 15cm deep, which meets the Australian standard for storage cabinets for highly corrosive chemicals AS 3780;
9. The acid-base cabinet can be equipped with padlocks to realize the management of double locks;
10. The bottom feet can adjust the cabinet level.

Strong corrosive chemical safety storage cabinet's advantages

1, Be sure the cabinet is level, far away from fire and located indoors in a well ventilated, low humidity environment;

2, Adjust shelves according to the volume of containers;

3, Door hasp accepts padlock to achieve double locks for security against unauthorized use;

4, If exhaust system is needed, remove the ventilation cover and access to the ventilation pipe. Please conduct our engineer for more details.

corrosive substance storage cabinet ACP810025 parameter

product type corrosive cabinet
color white
Door type
4 door/manual
material 8mm polypropylene
Adjustable Shelves(Pcs
Shelf Loading Weight(Kgs)
Ext dimension(H*W*D/cm)
Packing Dimension(H*W*D/cm
The product application

Safety comes from SYSBEL

Founded in 2003, SYSBEL is the world's leading provider of environmental safety and employee occupational safety solutions, focusing on the safety management of hazardous chemicals, developing and producing world-leading safe storage, leakage prevention and control and special protection products. SYSBEL has more than 12,600 users and more than 180 partners around the world, and its sales area covers more than 60 countries and regions, including Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Europe, North and South America, etc. Industrial manufacturing, food, electronics, automotive, environmental protection, public medical and other industries.

Safety comes from SYSBEL

SYSBEL Qualification:

Shanghai "specialized, refined and new" enterprise national high-tech enterprise

The first company in China to obtain the German TUV fireproof cabinet certification The first company in China to obtain the US FM safety cabinet certification

Canadian CSA safety certification company

UK Sedex4P certification

The "13th Five-Year" strategy promotes and supports enterprises

Expert of the Hazardous Chemicals Management Working Group of China Safety and Health Protection Equipment Committee

SYSBEL Qualification

SYSBEL has established a strict quality management system, and the series of products are strictly in accordance with the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA29 CFR 1910.106, the National Fire Protection Association NFPACODE30, the American National Standards Institute ANS and other relevant regulations and standards from research and development to production. , and obtained the ISO9001:2015 international quality system certification twice in a row in 2019.

SYSBEL has been involved in the formulation, writing and discussion of national, local and industry standards, and actively promotes the innovation of chemical safety storage, leakage prevention and other product technologies. The company obtained the US FM safety cabinet certification in 2014. In 2019, it obtained the German TUV safety cabinet certification. It is one of the most complete certified companies in the field of safety cabinets in China.

SYSBEL values

SYSBEL values

Friendliness: "In the beginning of people, nature is good" to treat others with a kind heart. Enterprising: love and dedication, have the courage to undertake,

continue to learn, and pursue excellence.

Cooperation: willing to share, obey the overall situation, and grow together with the team with a fair and mutually beneficial mentality.

SYSBEL Responsibility and Mission

Only with compassion and pity can we write a poem of great love, and insisting on doing the right thing is social responsibility. For a long time, SYSBEL has organized the company's volunteer team to care for the elderly in the welfare home, actively provided relief materials for Wangjiaba flood relief and disaster relief to help post-disaster reconstruction, popularized safety and epidemic prevention knowledge for workers in the free trade zone, and distributed protective materials. During the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, it provided multiple batches of protective materials for Shihan, and the Safety and Health Protection Products Committee of China Textile Business Association awarded SYSBEL the honorary title of "epidemic hero".